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Update October 7, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

You cannot imagine the joy we both feel as Tull achieves his little steps toward independendence everyday. He calls himself "Mr. Fourth of July".

It is a journey which has rendered us both a bit speechless at this moment that started nearly a year ago. Tull will pack a bag this week for the first time in a year. He will get up and go away for a few days. This is a man who did not breath on his own for several months. WOOOO HOO!!

John and Lucinda

Update October 9, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

Tull packed up today (which took hours), got into the passenger side of Paul Wikstrom's pick-up and headed to east of Amarillo. Paul had both wheel-chairs, the walker, the toilet seat, the shower chair and a ton of other stuff loaded up.

John Tull had not packed a bag since November 1, 2002 when we innocently left for NYC. He was very excited to go on an "adventure".

This is the first night in that time frame that I (Lucinda) have not had to think of JHT in terms of his very basic needs. Thanks to those of you who have been here to help me with those needs.


Update October 12, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you E. We have missed you.

Tull returned from his trip looking pretty damn healthy. He had a great time.

Lucinda and Laura took a beautiful hike today. Lucinda's first hike in a year. Full of joy and sadness. So wonderful to be alive and see the beauty surrounding us. So sorry that it will take a while before JHT will be on that particular hike. But it will happen.

This evening Mr. Tull emerged from a brief rest he had taken in our bed. He was up and about in his wheelchair and surprised Lucinda. He sat up, put his legs on, got his butt into the wheelchair and rolled out of nowhere.

It's pretty much fun to be married to someone you really like and respect.

Lucinda and John

Update October 16, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

A busy day. Lucinda had several meetings. Tull was asked to join the Policy Advisory Board for the Insurance Fraud Bureau by the Superintendent of Insurance for the State of New Mexico. So Lucinda drove him to the meeting and he was well recived and honored by the Board. So many of his former colleagues came to greet him in the halls of the PERA building. We were both very moved.

Thanks for the great messages today. Don't think for a second that we don't both thrive on the support from this website.

John and Lucinda

Update October 22, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

Just read a friend's journal from last November which brought a few tears. We also love the messages sent in the last few days.

Tull had a big day in therapy. He worked on how to get up (from a potential fall) and actually got on his elbows and knees for a few moments. That is HUGE!!

It really is so important that Tull can get himself out of the house if need be and that he is comfortable to be here alone. And that means being able to crawl. And he is proudly learning to do so.

John and Lucinda

Update October 25,2003

To all of our sweet and loyal friends,

As the one year anniversary of the start of our travail approaches, we wish all our friends to know what we are doing.

We are not going to bemoan our fate, but celebrate our life, our victory over the plague, our health, and our friends. We are going to get a lot of caviar, a lot of ice-cold vodka, and give thanks for all that life has given us.

Pat, your last message was as moving as any message that has graced our pages. The continued messages from our loyal friends have buoyed us through thick and thin.

There will be a picture of me, when our dear friend Madam X posts it to the site, over at Shelby's ranch several weeks ago, of me shooting my .45, that will show just how normal things have gotten here in our beloved Santa Fe.

We also have a new idea: we want all the regulars to send in a picture of themselves so that each can see what their friends look like. You know who you are, so send in the pics. We can't wait to see what that rogues gallery looks like, Brenda. Send the pics to [email protected] and we will post them. Do it soon.

Darla, the Texas Delts were and are John's college fraternity. They have really stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for us financially, showing that brotherhood does not end at college, but continues thirty-six years later.

Your friends,

John and Lucinda

Update October 27, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

If you did not catch the update previous to this one, please take a look at it. It was entirely written by JHT and was most heartfelt. We will pursue the photos from you regulars.

Tull wants everyone to know that the person with his fingers stuck in his ears above is DBX (David Brownlow), husband of Madame X and co-conspirator in the operation known as Studio X.

For those of you who are not particularly accustomed to guns (like Lucinda Marker) Tull is not pointing his gun at any living thing (certainly not prairie dogs, E.). This is just some thing that seems to be a part of growing up in Texas...shooting guns randomly into the air.

In the meantime, Tull actually crawled today in therapy. He said it was hard. Those of us who have worked in corporate America are somewhat familiar with that particular activity.

Love and Kisses,
John and Lucinda