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Update from Lucinda and Brad Barron 11-6-2002

Bubonic Plague is confirmed as diagnosis. John is placed on a respirator (due to Acute Respiratory Distress) and heavy sedation (drug induced unconsciousness) and Advanced Life Support is started. John considered critical; Lucinda considered serious but stable. John is not expected to survive more that 48 hours. Friends and family are informed. Visitation is highly restricted. Tull family arrives.

Update from Lucinda and Brad Barron 11-8-2002

John is started on Kidney Dialysis. CDC investigators interview Lucinda. New Mexico Health Department and CDC arrive at John and Lucinda's Santa Fe residence to begin researching the source of the infection. Laura Hamilton arrives from London. Jan Goodwin arrives from Santa Fe. Prayer groups initiated all over the country.
For those that don't know, friends of John and Lucinda, have put up a website at There are daily updates there as well as a place to send messages and good wishes to Lucinda.
Lucinda is doing well. She said that the support she is receiving from everyone in the form of e-mails, cards, and messages at the website is a great source of strength. She is thankful to have such good friends.
Take care. Keep John and Lucinda in your thoughts and prayers.

Update from Lucinda and Brad Barron 11-25-02

John is still in serious condition in the ICU. After consulting with all the Dr.'s, they have determined that the tissue damage in John's toes and feet will require surgery. The surgery is scheduled for late tomorrow afternoon. The extent of the operation will be determined by the amount of tissue damage. There is also a chance that they will perform a tracheotomy to reposition John's breathing tube. The Dr.'s believe this would be a positive step.

Again, Lucinda said how much she has enjoyed the website and the e-mails. She said she looks forward every night to reading the posts there. If you know someone who wants to send good wishes to Lucinda and John, please direct them here.

This is a critical time for John. Keep him and Lucinda in your thoughts and prayers.

Update from Lucinda and Brad Barron 11-26-02

John came through his surgery well. The operation, however, revealed extensive tissue damage necessitating the amputation of both of his feet at the ankles. The decision to amputate was made with absolute certainty that his feet would never recover and that a failure to act could further jeopardize John's life. Additionally, there is a good chance that the tissue damage in John's feet has been the source of the infection the Dr.'s have been battling for some time (although there are differing opinions on this). The ICU staff is hopeful that the operation will be a catalyst for a positive change in John's condition.

Even though today was a difficult day, Lucinda was encouraged by how well John did in the operation. Lucinda also said that the website is truly uplifting and she visits it often. Whenever she needs encouragement, she goes there and reads the posts. Big thanks to the folks who set that up and to everyone who has contributed.

Take care. Keep John and Lucinda in your thoughts and prayers.