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July 4, 2010

Dear All,
Seems about time to update the website. In fact, we are about to update this site in many ways! For now, we will just bring you up to speed on our lives.
It was 17 years ago today that John Tull and Lucinda Marker met in Santa Fe, New Mexico on a lovely mountain biking expedition/4th of July picnic in the Jemez Mountains with a group of friends who to this day have remained true blue. We are truly in the mood to celebrate!
Last we wrote we were still living in Stamford, CT where we had moved for Lucinda’s job for a private equity firm which is located in Greenwich. Alas, Lucinda was downsized right out of that job at the end of January and we were faced with yet another major change in our lives. After careful consideration, we decided to head back west and packed up our belongings for temporary storage. Lucinda made a trip across country through a February blizzard to take Puck and Chica to her sister’s place in Albuquerque for a bit and after her return by air to CT, we got in our other car and drove southwest. We took our time and saw the sights while headed to New Orleans where we spent a few hours with John’s daughter Katy who moved there recently. Then we moved on to Austin where we had decided to check out the possibilities of living and working. (We were well aware of the fact that the economy in Austin has been doing better than much of the rest of the country and we also have many very good friends there). After a month or so of seeing many friends, meeting some very interesting new folks and eating lots of barbeque and Tex-Mex, we drove on to Santa Fe to see how we felt about our old home. Within hours of arrival, we both knew that we wanted to be here again.
It has been an emotionally and physically exhausting six months or so marked by moving complications and other major stress inducing factors, but we are finally back in our beloved adobe home with most of our “stuff” put up and away. We took a little trip to California in May upon learning that we could not get back into our house when we had expected and so we have literally driven across the entire country in the last few months. We do not feel like taking any long drives for a while.
So that is the basic scoop for now. Again, the site will be updated soon and we have plenty of news to talk about. We hope you all have a grand 4th of July!
John and Lucinda