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May 3, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

John Tull got home safe and sound last night from a 9 day trip through Texas and Oklahoma where he was able to visit kids, grandkids, friends, his sister and family and his mother and her husband. He did quite well venturing that far on his own and had a fabulous, albeit tiring trip. Lucinda enjoyed some time alone, but Chica was rather annoyed at being alone during the day (stuck just with Puck and no humans).

It has been a cool and rainy New England day. Lucinda walked both dogs in the rain and they still aren’t dry. We are looking forward (not) to rain the next number of days. We continue to adjust to this very different way of life. And by the way, yesterday was our 11th wedding anniversary….together 16 years!

Love to all,
John and Lucinda