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Dear All,

Sorry to have been so remiss in our updating. This has been an extremely interesting time in our lives. Our move to the east coast started with Lucinda having her wallet lifted at La Guardia upon arrival. Fortunately, it was discovered rather immediately. The rather bad news is that we believe the deed was done by employees of the airport. Lucinda was a victim of pick-pockets soon after moving to New York in 1980 and became very savvy after that episode, but after 15 years in the southwest had let her guard down. Being an old soft hearted liberal, Lucinda would hope that there might be a day that no one needs to steal. Being a realist, theft has gone on for centuries and most likely has increased in recent years. At any rate, it sure created extra problems during our move (i.e. no driver’s license or credit cards).

But we are here in Stamford, CT and have worked every day on adjusting. We are very lucky to have next door neighbors who are just wonderful and who invited us to Thanksgiving. We love our view of our part of the Long Island Sound. We have had good friends visit (Laura H. and Tommy L.) and Lucinda’s sister drove the dogs all the way from N.M. so that they would not have to endure a flight.

As always, we cannot believe how lucky we are. We promise to get pics up of our house and our great view.
Lucinda and John