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June 20, 2007

Dear Friends and Family:

We apologize for being so out of touch, but have been through a bit of a whirlwind as of late. Just over a month ago or so Lucinda was given a diagnosis of possible uterine cancer. Of all cancers, uterine is surely one of the easiest to deal with but we still went into a bit of a shocked and worried frame of mind. Then we had a few frustrations in scheduling the surgical procedure which would give us our answers on true diagnosis and ways to proceed (like a faulty EKG, etc.) Finally yesterday Lucinda underwent day surgery and we got the excellent news that the doctor is 99.9% certain that all is benign. She was also able to remove what was most likely the problematic tissue which led to this whole experience. What a relief!! As much as we wish our days of dealing with doctors and hospitals were mostly over, we have to say once again that we were treated quite well and have the utmost respect for the people who do the work in medicine.

So now we are breathing easier and hoping to enjoy the rest of the summer! It was actually 4 years ago yesterday that John Tull was finally released from his 7 plus months of hospitalization so June 19th is a significant date for us. (As well as being Juneteenth!).

We took a nice little trip to the San Francisco area late last month. Lucinda had a business trip so we took a few extra days and ventured up the coast a bit. Katy Jane dropped by a couple weeks ago with two of her pals during a cross-country trip to San Fran where she plans to spend the summer. While she was here we were all interviewed on the news in regard to a very sad story of a 3 year-old dying from the plague in near-by Bernalillo County. Lucinda is going to Chicago next week for business and then will fly to Dayton and pick her mother up for a long over-due visit to New Mexico.

Tull’s birthday gift from Lucinda last month was a couple of flying lessons and we will get some pics up from that pronto! Things are good. Happy Summer Solstice!

John and Lucinda