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March 7, 2007

This has been quite an exciting couple of days for John and Lucinda.
Sunday morning John got up as usual. Within an hour he was suffering severe chest pains and shortness of breath. (!) We all know what that means in a 57 y.o. man.

We went to the hospital emergency room in a terrified state. We were admitted immediately. Most of the health care professionals did not think I was having a heart attack, but I responded to nitroglycerine quickly, so they decided to keep me overnight.

Monday morning I had a series of fairly unpleasant tests, including three stress tests (including the inject-radioactive-dye-in-the-heart-and-be-placed-in-the-huge-CT scan-machine-for –what-seemed-to-be-15-hours-but-was-really-only-15-minutes-while-wildly-claustrophobic-deal).

About 1:00 p.m. yesterday the hospitalist came and said that not only did I not have a heart attack but that my veins and arteries were very free of atherosclerotic plaque. He said I was very healthy.

I believe that I pulled some muscles in the chest region outside the rib-cage while working out Saturday, and that caused the MI symptoms.

So, all’s well that ends well. However, we were really scared, and are mighty glad to be back home. Many people criticize our little hospital, but John’s care was excellently and caringly performed.

John and Lucinda

March 27, 2007

Dear All,

I have not written for a while and thought it was time. I have just enjoyed a few days on my own around the house while John Tull ventured off to Texas hill country to visit his son and family. This was Tull’s first trip flying alone post-plague and all has gone well.

That certainly was a brutal scare a few weeks ago when he felt like he was having a heart attack! You talk about sensory recall! Just seeing him hooked up to one lousy machine brought back the sounds of those dozen or so bleeping, chiming, flashing monsters (not really….they had something to do with saving his life) that he was hooked up to for nearly three months in New York. It was such a relief to hear that he was basically a-okay and did not have to spend more than one measly night in our local hospital.

It seems that we have had another bout of losing a number of friends far too early in their lives. I will let Tull write about that when he gets home, but when we think about all the wonderful people who wrote to this website who have since passed on we are deeply saddened and have to wonder how and why we are still here and they are not. It’s quite difficult to make sense of it all.

It is finally spring here in Santa Fe and the season of sneezing is well upon us. Much love and achoos to you all.


March 29, 2007

Well, it seems like we have had a lot of tragedy around here lately.

Jack Smith, a beloved member of our church died recently of a heart attack.

Then, one of JT’s dear fishing friends, Darrel Sublett, died in Dallas of cancer.

Among our close friends battling health woes are Dr. Jerry A., Bill B., Tom O. (brother of Jimmy Overton), Mark P., and Glenna Goodacre.

Good news is that Page S. seems to have overcome his medical problems.

Even more good news is that JT went on an extended trip BY HIMSELF, including driving to Albuquerque, wheeling himself from the parking area, checking bags, going through security, and making the flight. And then doing it all again five days later in reverse. Quite tiring (and nerve-racking) but all went well. He now has a real feeling of accomplishment.

Lucy had a few valuable days away from Tull, which is very good.

We love all of you. Please keep the people mentioned herein and their families in your hearts and prayers.

John and Lucinda