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January 2, 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

Who would have known that we would have been stuck in our house by the power of Mother Nature for five days. You cannot believe the beauty of the snow we have. We also have had a bit of drama (a hawk attacking a flicker on our portal this morning……nature….but Lucinda went nuts hearing the screaming of the flicker…..the flicker escaped). YIKES!

We have heard about one of John’s fishing friends who needs some prayer and wishes. Darrell is a great friend who is facing some very serious challenges.

We are happy to be back up on our site and will try to post some pics on “recent pics’”. There is a team coming here in a couple of weeks from London who is producing a documentary on our story for the Discovery Chanel. We have spoken with them quite a bit and think that they will do a great job. We hope that they will get here through the snow.

Let us wish you all a very Happy New Year. How can 07 be unlucky?

Mucho love,

Tull and Marker


January 2, 2006


January 3, 2007

Happy New Year to all.

John and Lucinda

January 9, 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

We are sorry to say that we have still not mastered the skill of getting our photos properly sized and on the website, but we do have a couple of new ones on “recent pics”….so check it out. Just in case you did not know, we have been covered with snow since December 29th. We had more snow here than most New Mexicans have ever seen. We measured around 30 inches here at our house (nothing to you in Maine, right Brenda?). But it shut us down for a number of days. Needless to say, we did not go out for New Year’s Eve. We stayed at home in front of a fire and had a bit of pork roast and black eyed peas. (Now that is supposed to bring us good luck, but we eat the same thing every year and our luck is up or down regardless. Old habits die hard.)

It has been just beautiful in spite of the fact that Lucinda has been stuck in the snow a couple of times on her way to or fro work. And by the way, it is a bit of a trip going back to being an employee again after 5 years of being on one’s own. Well, there are always trades to be made in life. The good news is that during a bit of off time Lucinda has been cross- country skiing out the back door of our house where nothing has moved other than bunnies, coyotes and birds. Can you imagine a vast white blanket outside of your door with nothing but creature tracks?

We did not tell you about the great trip we took in November just before Lucinda started her job. We went west to Canyon de Chelly where we had an unbelievable tour with a Navajo who grew up in Chinle, Arizona. He was a most entertaining and enlightened man and the place is beautiful beyond belief. We were too stunned to take pictures, but got one of him before we parted ways.

We hope you are all enjoying the first days of 2007.

Love to all,

John and Lucinda

Januray 28, 2007

Dear Friends and Family:

The snow is still on the ground here at our house one month after the original major snowfall. We have never seen this in our time in New Mexico.

A film crew came in from London and New York a week ago to begin work on a documentary on our story for the Discovery Channel. They were here during some record breaking cold weather. Nevertheless, we had a great time with them and they loved being in Santa Fe. They moved on to New York from here to interview several of the docs who helped save our lives and then on to Toronto to begin casting for the dramatization portion of the documentary. Tull has requested that they cast Brad Pitt to play him. We will keep you posted on the schedule.

We feel fortunate to have survived the snow, ice and mud thus far without injury. We have even enjoyed it a bit. Lucinda went cross-country skiing with a bunch of her gal friends in the Valles Caldera today, one of the most beautiful places in the whole world.

Katy Jane came to visit us last week. We had so much fun with that vibrant, intelligent almost 22 year old. (Her birthday was today). We cannot believe how lucky we are to have her, along with Trey, Leah, Elli, Claire, Liza, and Brandon. We are truly blessed.

But in the meantime we have had a number of dear friends who are facing serious illness who we would like to mention. Please keep in your hearts and fervent prayers our dear friends Darrel, Jerry, Mark and Bill, all of whom are putting their dukes up against cancer. And a very special arrow goes up for Molly.

Please keep in your prayers our primary health-care providers Boudenot, Louise, Kim and Mike.

We love all of you,

John and Lucinda