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February 5, 2006

Dear Friends and Family,

Lucinda heads to Ohio early in the morning. Dorothy Leyland will turn 97 on Tuesday (DOB 2/7/09) and so we will have a piece of cake and lift a glass to this fine woman. She has had a downward turn as of late, but is amazingly healthy considering all. John and Lucinda have many friends who have been dealing with the illness or passing of their parents in recent months. We all want the very best lives for our loved ones and hope that their later years are passed with as much dignity and as little pain as possible.

We were so happy to see our good friends from Dallas, the Hogues this weekend. They are wonderful and supportive people and we know they check in to the site pretty regularly.

John Tull is still walking around without his cane, but (as our dear friends the Hogues know) can still be a big baby from time to time. He will struggle next week while Lucinda is gone and would know doubt love to hear from some of you. We all have to gang up on him every once in a while with tough love.

Much love,

John and Lucinda

February 14, 2006

Dear Friends and Family

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! It was three years ago on February 10th when we returned from New York to Albuquerque by air ambulance and started the long process of rehabilitation in two different Albuquerque hospitals and finally at home. We recall that there was a massive snowstorm on its way to New York at that time as well and we just made it out in time. While we both love New York, we were ready to come home and celebrate Valentine’s Day back in the Land of Enchantment.

Lucinda made it back to Santa Fe late Saturday night following a number of weather related delays. John Tull, Chica, Puck and Jorge were all mighty happy to have her back. Mr. Tull had the house well straightened up and had actually cooked a couple of steaks that evening. He had managed to keep walking all week without his cane though he did have to visit the prosthetic maker for some adjustments.

Lucinda’s grandmother has improved a bit, but it is very difficult to see her in the frustrating and painful position of not being able to walk or take care of herself. She celebrated her 97th birthday on February 7 with cake and ice cream party attended by about 20 of her friends. She was dressed for the first time since early November in a bright red suit which she made herself a number of years ago. We hope to get a couple of pictures from her party on the site in the next couple of days.

We hope you are all happy and well.

Much love and candy hearts,

John and Lucinda

Update February 19, 2006

Dear Friends and Family,

February 19, 2006 is an historical night. John Tull attended a movie for the first time in at least 15 years. He had always prided himself with his sort of combination of self-deprecation and outright hostility at boycotting the film industry. This was his pick and we went. A documentary called “Lubbock Lights” which takes a look at how and why this desolate country spawned interesting and popular art and music out of a vapid, dry harsh landscape. Quite interesting. Check it out if you have a moment. Tull knew many of the people in the movie rather well.

We are very sorry to say that we have heard of several passings just the last few days. Trey and Liza’s grandfather passed away in Wichita Falls, Texas on Thursday. John’s dear cousin Kelly’s wife Eunice lost her mother just yesterday. And our good friend from here in Santa Fe (Tom Joyce) just told us tonight that his mother passed away on Tuesday. Another good Santa Fe friend Mac Smith recently lost his mother.

We know that many of you are dealing with similar situations. Just know that you are not at all alone. Keep on keeping on. We love all of you and our hearts are heavy when we hear of the losses.

On a much lighter note, Elli Tull will turn 3 years old tomorrow. Happy Birthday Eilli!

Much love
John and Lucinda