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Update from Lucinda and Brad Barron 12-02-02

As a result of John's improved condition over the last two days, the Dr.'s made the determination that John was strong enough to have a tracheotomy. The surgery was performed this evening and John did well. Prior to this procedure, John's oxygen support was administered through a tube in his mouth and throat. The Dr.'s see this as a very positive development. Hopefully this will allow the Dr.'s to begin to bring him out of his sedation soon.

Lucinda was at the hospital for the procedure and spoke with the Dr.'s afterwards. They all emphasized how well John did in the surgery.

Take care. Keep John and Lucinda in your thoughts and prayers.

Update from Lucinda 12-5-2002

Greetings to all-

I have taken it upon myself to do the update tonight. Today was the most exciting and frightening day I have had through this entire experience. John Tull is on the road to "wake up". I am so very anxious to see his eyes open. I cannot thank you all enough for each and every message you have sent. But I will now call upon you all for the support that we will both need to get through the wake up process. Tull is very strong, but this is a real test. I do believe that the love and support expressed on this web-site will help him and I will ask you all to continue with whatever you may be doing.......because it works and will continue to work.

Love and kisses to all of you.


Update from Lucinda - 12-10-2002

Dear Friends and Family,

Today was the day that John Tull opened those baby blues and allowed Trey Tull and I to talk his ears off. It was beyond exciting to look deeply into those magnificent eyes and also difficult because we could see him try to comprehend and struggle to communicate with us (and most of you can imagine how frustrating it would be for John Tull to not be able to talk temporarily.) All his vitals were the best they have been since the day we checked into the hospital and the docs continue to believe that his kidney function has been restored (which the head of ICU called "a miracle.") He is currently off all sedatives, but that could change if he becomes agitated during the wake-up process.

I am deeply moved by all of you, the prayers, the love and support and by the strength and courage of Mr. Tull. I am very proud to be married to this man and very blessed to have all of you.

Thank you.

Update from Lucinda and Brad Barron 12-19-02

John continues to come out of sedation very slowly. He was more alert today than he was yesterday and he can blink responses to simple requests. He also has moments of recognition where it is clear that he knows Lucinda's face and voice. The Dr.'s say that his slow waking is to be expected.

Physical therapists began working with John this week to bring strength back to his voluntary muscles. 6 weeks of being in bed have taken a toll on his strength. Also the Dr.'s are beginning to wean John off the respirator. He spent some time breathing on his own today (a very big step).

Take care. Keep John and Lucinda in your thoughts and prayers.

Update from Lucinda 12-20-02

Dear Friends and Family,

My eyes are filled with tears as I write this. Just came from Tull's room where we experienced a very major event. I asked him to close his eyes (which he did) and then asked him to close his eyes if he knew me (and he did). I know that it seems like a small thing, but it was huge. All else was good today as well.

Happy winter solstice.



Update from Lucinda December 23, 2002

Dear Friends and Family,
Today was another great day. JHT was more responsive than ever.
He still has no fever and all vital signs are good. I enjoyed a green chile
stew this evening made by a good friend from Santa Fe and also put up a bunch
of red chile lights!! You are all invited to drop by and have a bit of chile.
Hard to believe that it is almost Christmas. Thank you all again
for everything!

Update from Lucinda December 24, 2002

Dear Friends and Family,

So I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself and then I read the
message from our old friend (who is 50 today) and she cracks me up and I
remember that Tull and I always make each other laugh.

He got great reports from all docs today, but the recovery
continues to be slower than most of us would like. I walked a few blocks
tonight with the head ICU doc and he told me that the reason they all keep
going in ICU is because they see miracles like John Tull's recovery. He told me
that it would be hard to imagine how deeply they have been affected by him.

Wow. Merry Christmas.


Christmas Night Message from Lucinda December 25, 2002

Dear Friends and Family,

The last couple of days have been a bit more difficult than I
expected. Tull and I have always loved our holidays together and enjoyed
gathering as many friends and family members as possible. I really missed him.

Today was similar to yesterday. He was fighting a low-grade
fever and that simply takes a great deal of his energy.

Again, I am so grateful to know that you are all thinking of and
praying for us. It is a tremendous Christmas present to have John Tull alive
and to know that he will recover to enjoy many more holidays to come.

Thank you all and very best wishes on this Christmas night.


Update from Lucinda December 31, 2002

Dear Friends and Family:

I cannot believe that today is the last day of this year. It is
also eight weeks ago today that we entered the emergency room at Beth Israel.
Tull had a couple of procedures today and did well. The entire ICU is
celebrating the miracles of John Tull's recovery.

Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you.