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Update from Lucinda February 3, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

Today was very busy as we had a first attempt at sitting up on
the edge of the bed and the trach was removed. John experienced a great deal of
pain as three physical therapists (otherwise known as physical-terrorists) did
their best to get him up. We all know that it will be a long and painful road.
However, Mr. Tull continues to amaze all hospital personnel with his excellent
Texas manners as he says please and thank you even under extreme under duress. I must also
say that the physical therapists have done a FABULOUS job (they are now reading
this web-site, but that has nothing to do with this comment).

Speaking of this web-site, please know that it is one of the
highlights of our day when I read John your messages. Don't be shy.


Update from Lucinda February 4, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

The "Free John Tull" buttons seemed to work. We thank
Tull's search and rescue team for sending a bag full of these buttons as two of
our doctors immediately confiscated a few, the physical terrorists wore them
proudly and Tull wore one on his gown all day long. To say that the ICU is
entertained my bed #2 would be an understatement.

We will probably leave Beth Israel early next week (possibly
earlier). Keep the messages coming. JHT LOVES hearing from you all as do I.

Love from the

Update from Lucinda February 6, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

It's very hard to believe, but we will soon be sending our
updates from the Land of Enchantment. I've been busy trying to take pictures of
the Beth Israel North doctors, nurses, aids, janitors, security guards and all
who have become our extended family over the last 14 weeks. It is hard to think
of how to thank them or say goodbye.

We had a very exciting day as we received a call from Senator
Clinton who had followed our progress and wished us well. Then late this
afternoon Tull had a surprise visit from a couple of his best old Texas buds
(one who is a rather prolific contributor to this website). I left the hospital
guilt-free after seeing the light brighten in JHT's blue eyes at the sight of
those two fellers. They'll probably be telling stories and lies all night.

We love you all very much.

Update from Lucinda February 9, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

My dear friend Julia said tonight as she looked around my now
packed up home of the last 3 months "it all looks so different, yet there
was so much life here". And indeed there was life.....very casual dinner
parties, holidays, much laughter, long nights of phone calls to friends and
relatives with good and sometimes bad news, intimate conversations as many of
us grew to know each other so much better, green Chile stew, red Chile lights,
little Christmas trees who have now moved to Yonkers for a new life, very late
night conversations with doctors, sleepless nights, tears of great relief and
of sadness, a couple bad games of charades, starting the mending of
relationships that had withered or gone sour, restoring relationships and
building brand new ones. This has been more life than I have ever known.

My glass is lifted as I toast all who have meant so very much to
me and to John Tull in the last 14 weeks. I am humbled by all of you and I
thank each and everyone of you for each and everything you have done. I bid
farewell to this wonderful city....there is none like it in the world and if we
had to get the damn plague....better here than anywhere other than our home

So sorry to leave, yet so happy to be heading home.

Love to all and we shall return to this fine city soon. Thank
you for taking care of us.


Update from Lucinda February 10, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

Tull and I had a tremendous homecoming today as we arrived at Kindred Hospital.
Thirty or so of our good friends and family went out of their way to be
there and to bring signs, our doggies and some rather corny songs. Both of us
shed quite a few exhilarating tears in the last 36 hours. We now miss our
family from Beth Israel and all of you in the east coast region who did so much
to help us, but have been so moved by our pals and relatives here. Few are
quite as lucky as we to experience a day like today.

We are home and Tull will do well here. We are very happy to be
here. Love to you all on this very special day.


Update from Lucinda February 14, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

I just left Mr. Tull as he entertained half a dozen of our very
good friends in his hospital room. Thought I might sneak in the update while he
is otherwise engaged.

Tull is very slowly building his strength and will hopefully be
able to eat in another week or so. My dear, funny Valentine and I cried with
joy today when we exchanged cards and a couple gifts. (Would you believe that
he got a friend of ours to show up with a dozen red roses?)

Love to you

Update from Lucinda February 18, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

Last night was my first night back in our house. While I have
missed our dogs and house enormously, it was almost too painful to be here
without Mr. Tull. This is the beautiful home that we built together and he is
the chief interior decorator, fix-it person and neat-freak who has a magical
ability to turn any living space into a place of great beauty and peace. I
missed him more than I can say.

But he is alive and present in New Mexico and fighting his way
back to this house every minute. Doctors discovered "colonization" of
his wound which has resulted in a return to isolation mode for a while. This is
nothing serious, but we have had to once again don gowns and gloves (at least
no masks). All therapies (physical, occupational and swallow) continue to go
very well. Everyone agrees that Tull has made remarkable progress in just the
last week.

Love to all,

Update from John and Lucinda February 21, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

First of all, we are now official grandparents. Trey (John's
son) and Leah had a beautiful bouncing baby girl last night. She weighed in at
7 lbs, 14 ounces and her name is Elizabeth McKenzie Tull, and they intend to
call her Ellie. (Lucinda is writing this as John Tull cries every time the
subject comes up).

Second bit of major news is that Mr. Tull ate his first real
food tonight. Granted he is restricted to pureed versions of whatever is being
served, but he will now get breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and is expected
to consume 15 to 20 bites per meal. He did not care that much for his bowl of
meat this evening (sorry Doug), but all else seemed tolerable.

Goodnight and
love to all,
John and Lucinda and their current visitors, Frank and Alice

Update from Lucinda February 23, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

We had a very busy day today with 14 human visitors and two
doggie visitors. This hospital allows dogs to visit their humans, so Chica and
Puck got to come to the big city.

Tomorrow we will have a formal meeting with our team of medical
professionals here at Kindred during which we will discuss the plan for JHT's
recovery. One thing we all know is that this patient is on board and determined
to have a successful journey. As he told a visitor earlier tonight, we really
don't have much choice when we get knocked to our knees in life. We go on.

Love to all,
John and Lucinda