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January 17, 2011

Dear All:

I well recall eight years ago when John Tull had actually awakened for the most part and was being seen daily by a psychiatrist who visited his room daily to ask the standard questions to determine if his mind was at all functioning: Where are you? What is your name? What is the date?

She wrote in her chart and charged what might have been the accepted amount at that time. John dreaded her visits. There was a calendar on the wall of his room in ICU, but he could not see it. So when he saw her approaching, he would often ask me “what the hell is the date?”

That year, that date, I was quick to tell him and to add “It is Martin Luther King Day”. And he was quick to spew that back to the shrink. She did not question, but simply added to her chart as she spun around to disrobe her gown, mask, gloves and move on to the next patient on her list.

Today I have listened to parts of his many speeches and stand in awe. Not only was he a great orator, but he spoke of so much of what in the sixties have led to what we experience in the 2000’s.

Love to all on MLK Day,