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November 5, 2010

Dear All:

Can it really be eight years ago today that we mustered up the last bit of strength we had left to stumble out of our New York hotel room and travel by cab to see Dr. Ronald Primas who miraculously diagnosed us correctly with bubonic plague and sent us straight to Beth Israel Hospital? We had spent less than 48 hours in our east side hotel room where we got progressively sicker with aches, high fevers and extreme fatigue. We both know that had we not asked the hotel desk for a recommendation and gotten to Dr. Primas when we did that at least one of us and likely both of us would have crossed over to the other side while in that room.

Our lives from that day on became a roller coaster ride like none we ever imagined. We are grateful to be here today, eight years later, back in our beloved Santa Fe home and (by sheer grit and determination) still married and in relatively good health!

As always, we appreciate the fact that we would have been goners at some point without the love, support, care and prayers of so many.

Thank you, blessings and much love to you all.

John and Lucinda