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July 11, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

Given the mind boggling changes in the internet in the last seven years (i.e. since we became sick with plague and made such huge news), I doubt that anyone looks in on our website these days. But just in case, thought I would write a note.

We are managing here in CT. Living on the water is most wondrous. We are both homesick for New Mexico, but Tull suffers quite a bit more than Lucinda since he is a true Westerner and Lucinda, much to Tull’s chagrin, really is a Yankee. And so it goes.

We have continued to have sadness with some of our friends. Our dear friend Daniel’s father died last month and our very dear friend Mary Sq. was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month ago and is about to go to battle.

We can say that life is so very precious. One must embrace every moment and especially during such dire economic times, try to live life to its fullest and think always of those who are less fortunate, because even when life is kicking you in the posterior, it is kicking someone else in a more vulnerable place.

Love to all,

John and Lucinda