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April 23, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

How deeply sad and stunned we are to have learned that our friend Cheryl Coleman has died in Santa Fe. She was a most beautiful woman who (we all said ) was one of the few who could pull off a great thick mane of white hair. She was beautiful in it with her wonderous blue eyes. She was fit and healty, full of life and curiosity and could laugh a deep, heartfelt laugh that would draw in all around her. She loved animals and she loved people. She was passionate and kind. There is simply no explanation as to why this remarkable woman would suddenly suffer a heart attack (or cardiac event as our very good nurse friend who was also a good friend of Cheryl’s well described it) hit her head on the floor, be without oxygen and then ultimately have to be let go of advanced life support by her grieving husband and family because it was obvious that she would never recover. She had been quite fit, quite loving and someone who none of us would have expected to “go” so suddenly and at the age of 60.

We are so very deeply feeling this because it was so damn close to what we went through. It is not at all the same, though except for the fact that your life so very suddenly and dramatically changes and not (today) just because of the downturn or loss of jobs, but because the person you have slept next to and who is probably your very best friend… not there…and never will be again. John did stay there and we are still together. We all know that we don’t get out of this alive. But it just seems pretty damn unfair that this very giving, empathetic woman would have to go so suddenly and be found by her equally kind and intelligent husband in the house after she had fallen. They had lived in their beautiful home in Santa Fe for perhaps 7 years and had a herd of cats. Our hearts are breaking for Allan.

This is it for tonight. John Tull does leave tomorrow for TX and OK to see his sister, friends, kids and grand-kids. Should be a good trip. One that you just don’t want to put off,\.