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November 26, 2009

Dear All,

Happy Thanksgiving! We spent the day with our lovely next door neighbors who were gracious enough to have taken us in last Thanksgiving as well when we had literally been in Connecticut for perhaps two weeks.

After a year in Southern New England, we are finally settling in a bit. We have made friends, we know our way around town and we have had a blast traveling through Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Rest assured that we still pine for the west, but we both believe in making the absolute best of the hand one is dealt and so we are in intensive Yankee training for now.

We have also been into New York City with some frequency to see plays, meet friends, visit museums and generally do our best to enjoy the finest city in the world. Just this past Tuesday we drove in to see an exhibit at the Met and on the way we realized that we would be very close to Dr. Ron Primas’ office. (For those of you who don’t know, he is the travel doctor to whom we were sent by our hotel seven years ago when we finally realized we had something more than the flu and who immediately diagnosed us with the plague and sent us to Beth Israel North in a big hurry). So we decided to give Ron a call to see if he might meet us for lunch. He was unable to do so, but invited us to drop by the office for a quick visit. We parked in the garage at the Met and wheeled downtown three bocks to the office where seven years ago we arrived by taxi with blistering fevers that rendered us both semi-conscious. We had staggered into the office that early November afternoon where John promptly laid down on the floor unable to sit or stand any longer due to the severity of his illness.

On this November day we went into the office with our wits as fully about us as they ever are and hugged the doc who saved our lives, after proudly informing his waiting patients of his medical genius. You talk about a full circle experience! The three of us reminisced of that day in 2002 that forever changed our lives and agreed to have dinner together in the very near future. And this time we left his office not to journey to a hospital where we would see, among other things, some of the darkest moments of a lifetime, but to one of the finest art museums in the world and then on to our home on the Long Island Sound where we would have dinner and later go to bed knowing that, at least for that night, we would likely sleep well and wake up to a new day in the morning. That’s plenty to be thankful for.

Much love,

John and Lucinda