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September 11, 2008

Dear Friends and Family:

This was the most difficult September 11th I have experienced since 2001. One wonders why it takes seven years to feel the full impact of an event like that. It was a day so tragic that it is almost beyond comprehension. But today, on September 11, 2008, I and some of my oldest NYC friends exchanged a few thoughts and visceral emotional reactions about that day for the first time. It was really tough to be there that day and to see all that went on for the days after. I can only begin to imagine what those we have sent off to war have seen. So today was about thinking about and reliving that day.

Today was also about facing the fact that we are leaving our beloved New Mexico and moving to Connecticut. We are moving because of my job and we found a great house in Stamford which we shall rent. We hope to return to New Mexico sometime in the future. This will be a huge change as I will be returning to the east coast after 16 years in the southwest and John Tull has never lived east of the Houston shipyards. So life continues to toss you and turn you and you just got to go on.

Much love to all on my 50-something birthday.

Lucinda ( and the sleeping JHT)