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May 4, 2008

Dear Friends and Family:

We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. How much has changed for us and for the world in that micro-scopic moment in time. It is a bit overwhelming to say the least.

I would love to ask who you have voted for or who you plan to vote for, but politics has not been ever a point of this site. I think, instead that we are hopefully a site of hope…….in times of real difficulty. And so I will keep my mouth shut for the moment and stick with the fact that the word “hope” is not new and that we all just read and listen and vote with as much information as our hearts and brains can bring us.

John and Lucinda

May 11, 2008

Dear Friends and Family,

May we first say a good day to our own mothers? We are both lucky to have them with us after having lost our fathers a good many years ago (13 yrs for John’s and 10 for Lucinda’s). Though we may struggle, as most of us do with child/parent relationships, we are glad to be able to have that struggle while we are all still on the same planet. So a very Happy Mothers’ Day to our mothers and to all other mothers.

We are in the east right now for Lucinda’s work and we got to see Katy Jane Tull who graduates from Bard in a couple weeks. Lucinda was wished a “HMD” by several people today both on her own and while with Katy. This made one think about the concept of both days….one in honor of each parent and what it really means.

John and Lucinda kid each other about being dog and cat “mommy and daddy”. We are that. We have also been sorts of parental types to a wide variety of young people and at times, to our friends who are our ages or perhaps a bit older. And we have had many friends who have temporarily fulfilled those parental roles for us.

So it might seem that as life evolves we might all get to be kids again and might get to have a mother and a father even if our natural ones are deceased or otherwise unavailable and that we might get the chance to play parent to someone who is not exactly a kid who might just need a temporary mommy or daddy.

So HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to all who have taken care of kids, friends and pets, patients or anyone who has needed a mommy. Even just for a while.

John and Lucinda