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September 5, 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

How can it possibly be that summer is over? We feel as if we are just getting ready for Memorial Day and not just finished with Labor Day! Already time to put away the white shoes??!!

We are excited to be taking a first vacation together in quite a long while. Lucinda has a business trip to Seattle this weekend and so we both shall go and then take a few more days and drive to Oregon (where neither of us has been). We will spend a couple days at the beach and then to Portland where we will see our old friend Ann P. who moved there about a year and a half ago. We will also be seeing Lucinda’s old New York theatre pals Stephen and Kate in Seattle. We will eat seafood with abandon.

Tull recently spent a day in Taos with his son Trey and family and took some really great pics of the grandkiddies. We are too dumb to get them on the website so far. But we did get one pic of Tull flying last May on the site. So we promise to take pictures on our trip and learn how to put them all up when we get back. Where are the 14 year olds when you need them?

Happy end of another summer to you all. And by the way, we have not had word yet on when the Discovery documentary will air, but will certainly keep you posted!

Much love,
John and Lucinda