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may 2, 2007

Dear All:

It has been hard to come to this site and write updates as of late. We have had so much sadness with friends being ill and some passing away. It feels like we have been through a long hard winter and a rather gloomy spring. We have had days that have been pretty tough to get through. We know damn well, though that this is simply life and that few of us get through it without facing some very bleak times. That being said, there is also plenty to be happy about and much to look forward to. The light is always visible at the end of these tunnels……sometimes you just have to get out the binoculars.

We have been married 9 years today. YIKES!! It will be 14 years ago that we met this July 4th so we really count that as more of an anniversary. But the official event took place on a sunny and warm 5/2/98 in our backyard with the magnificent Talitha Arnold doing the legal stuff and Shelby and Karin Miller witnessing. The five of us went out to dinner afterward and consumed massive quantities of food and wine. On this cold and rainy day the two of us have plans for an evening out with considerably less indulgence as it is a bit harder to burn those calories at our more advanced ages.

Speaking of calories, we are both beside ourselves with hysterical joy at having shed some pounds. Lucinda actually weighs less today than that joyful day 9 years ago. FINALLY THE PLAGUE STRESS WEIGHT IS DOWN, DOWN, DOWN AND ALMOST GONE, GONE, GONE. This is very important for a former actress who still has some modicum of vanity left. Tull has managed to lose quite a few lbs himself as somewhat of a byproduct of Lucinda’s fairly recent fanatical attention to diet and exercise.

So we are ready for imminent sunshine in our lives. It is time to don the bathing suits.

Love to you all-

John and Lucinda