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October 17, 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been nearly five years ago since we contracted the plague and made world-wide headlines. I remember sitting in my hospital bed as the PR person came in with a list of news reporters and organizations who wanted to speak with me. I could have been the person of the week (or hour or day) who spoke about her husband who was dying of the plague as the cameras rolled from her isolated hospital bed. Guess what? I could not have done that if you had offered me any number of millions of dollars. What I knew was that my best friend, the love of my life was in very serious condition. That was something that I was not going to turn in to the nightly entertainment for any number of people who would not have possibly understood what it really meant to confront what I was going through and what all those who love John Tull would also feel.

Here we are in the fall of 2007 and so very much has happened. I think that we are both in constant recovery mode and never would have gotten this far without the help of so many very good people.

I am starting a new job next week and am very, very excited about it. I will be traveling a fair amount to some quite wonderful places all around the world. Who would have ever thought we could survive what we survive and then some.

Much love,

Lucinda (and Tull)

October 28, 2007

Well, Kiddies, we have all sorts of good news.

On Friday, our third grandchild was born. Graham Ellis Baker was delivered to Liza (John’s middle child) and Brandon Baker in Edmond, Oklahoma. He weighed eight pounds, eight ounces and is 21 inches long. He is adorable. Every one is healthy and ecstatic. We are very blessed.

Also on Friday, Lucinda arrived back (very late) from her first week at her fabulous new job. She is the Director of Client Relations for an international private equity real estate firm with offices in Santa Fe, Greenwich, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul. She spent her first week in London and Paris. Very exciting.

The documentary based upon John and Lucinda’s story is set to air on the Discovery Channel on November ninth. We think the time will be at 1:00 pm Eastern. However, as not to miss it, please check
The series is called Life or Death and our segment is entitled Nightmare in New York. We think that it will be really cool.

We love each and everyone of you. Things are really going well in our lives.

John and Lucinda