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March 2, 2006

Dear Friends and Family:

Guess who up and got hitched the other day?? John Tull’s mother Mona!!!! She and her beau Bob Ball ran off to the Episcopal Church and didn’t tell a soul until afterwards! They are both very happy and excited and we are very happy for them. We have asked that they send a wedding picture or two so we can post them on the site. Big lesson learned?? It’s never too late to fill your life with love and romance.

Today is Texas Independence Day (not that even one single Texan needs to be told that). Tull always gets a little mushy on this day.

Do you know why you should never ask a man if he’s a Texan? Because if he is he’ll tell you soon enough and if he isn’t you don’t want to embarrass him.

Yuck, yuck.

The Texan and the Buckeye

March 15, 2006

Dear Friends and Family,

The other night Tull and Marker were watching a fund raising event on PBS which featured a John Denver concert. For some reason we both starting crying like babes during “Leaving on a Jet Plane”. We have both asked ourselves why we were so moved. We do remember that while Tull was in the process of waking from his coma he announced to Lucinda as she came into his room one morning in the ICU that we were late for a flight that he had somehow booked for us to leave New York. He said that we had to get a taxi to La Guardia immediately. At that point he could not even raise an arm so Lucinda sort of knew that we had plenty of time to meet any flight in the future and that Tull was imagining an escape through the air.

This evening Lucinda’s mother told her that her grandmother was in tears as she said that she had a flight she had to get to and that no one was to know. She said that it was one way and that it was possibly fully booked so she could not be late.

Hmmmm. How do we know when we’ll be back again?


Tull and Marker

March 26, 2006

Dear Friends and Family,

Our dear friend Ellen Fitzpatrick made us a most beautiful afghan which we received just the other day. We love the way it looks on our sofa (see recent photos) and we love the way we feel sleeping under it on snowy spring afternoons. Ellen is one of the very good pals who came back to us after plague when we had been separated by miles for a few years. We are both amazed that any human being can make something this beautiful in such a short amount of time (especially Lucinda who still can’t even sew on a button and who had to be rescued by her grandmother in junior high home economics when she cut off the apron she was making thus making it a micro-mini). Thank you Ellen for being our friend and supporting us through thick and thin.

We just lost another of our good friends who decided she wanted to move to Portland, Oregon. Ann Pagliarulo packed up her belongings and left many friends behind last week. Ann brought so many people together in Santa Fe that she was often called the unofficial mayor. She was a “big dog” on St. John’s Search and Rescue team and was a founding member and ace recruiter for Atalaya Search and Rescue. She is a phenomenal cook who made Lucinda green chili stew in New York around Christmas of 2002 and made killer quesadillas at Tull’s birthday party last May (take a look at those pics). We love her and we already miss her.

BIG DAY!!! Tull took a hike south of our house today. The trail is rough and uneven, but he did incredibly well with his walking sticks. (See the recent pics). He is sleeping very soundly and very proud of his accomplishment. Look out Sangre de Cristo Mountains!!

John and Lucinda

March 30, 2006

Dear Friends and Family,

John Tull took his first real fall on Tuesday. He was in a continuing legal education class all day and while on his way out at the end of the day he just sort of tripped on the carpet and went down hard. Fortunately he managed to roll to his side before making impact with the floor and so he managed to not really get hurt. He was not able to get up by himself, but half a dozen or more good citizens rushed up to help him struggle up and walk out to his car. He was kind of shaken up but otherwise in pretty good shape. One of the ladies who assisted him outside said “we just have to help each other in this life”. How very true. It’s kind of tough to stand up on your own after you take a hard fall.

Much love,
John and Lucinda