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October 2, 2006

Dear Friends and Family,

We just got back from a hectic, but fun trip to the Washington DC area where we spoke to a very large audience at the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases. This group of doctors, scientists and various medical personnel are working on a vaccine for plague and has been very involved in a number of diseases including anthrax. It was quite an interesting experience to sit around before our talk at a conference table chatting about plague with some of the leading experts in the world. A producer of training films for the FDA filmed our talk and a question and answer session afterward.

After our talk we traveled from Fort Detrick, Maryland to DC where Lucinda attended a conference for a couple of days and then we saw a number of our old pals in both the DC area and Philadelphia. We returned exhausted, but happy to have had some time to get away.

Fall is upon us and it is just beautiful here in Northern New Mexico. Hope you all are doing well.


John and Lucinda

October 28, 2006

Dearest Friends and Family,

After much gut-wrenching processing, Lucinda has decided to take a full time job with a mutual fund company here in Santa Fe. It is incredibly painful to give up the flexibility of having one’s own business and she has loved working with her clients (most of whom are good friends), but we have a real need in our lives for more stability and the new job is with a very respectable and pleasant group of people. Lucinda will be building relationships with financial advisors on behalf of the Davis Funds and will be traveling to conferences around the country. The start date will be around mid November.

We hope to manage to take a short trip to Arizona sometime in the next two weeks to chill out before starting the full time world again. As we approach the 4th year anniversary of the great plague crisis in our lives, it feels as if we are almost back to normal. John is working on scheduling a few more speaking engagements and we look forward to that. We will be speaking this coming Monday for the National Insurance Fraud Directors here in Santa Fe.

We hope you all get lots of treats this Halloween.

John and Lucinda