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April 6, 2005

Dear Friends and Family,

It is spring, a time for new life. Here we all have so much death and illness in our lives. Tull and I are working hard on being cheery, but we feel much sadness as do many.

Mary Sq. is one of Lucinda’s most dear long term friends. She has been one of the greatest contributors to this site and one of the best pals to us both through our plague experience. Her father is a guy not unlike John Tull….an optimist, a comedian, a crier, a great father. Mary is his precious baby girl. Their relationship is one that cannot be replicated for either of them. Our heart goes out to Mary and her extended family as they deal with dear Mr. Buehrle’s illness.

Ken-Dog has been moved to a nursing home in Waco, Texas. We will post the address in a few days in case anyone would like to send him a card. Not much change, but he has opened his eyes a bit. We are hoping for the best.

Father Bob Maxwell has (we think) been released from the hospital for the second time. Father Bill Easter and his lovely wife Catherine have quite a load on their plate with her recent cancer diagnosis. They were both very attentive to us when Tull was in the hospital in Albuquerque. .

Tull did get into the therapy pool at our community center today and really put his Spitz skills to the test. He was quite amazing. That was our big step into new life.

Final note, we are so grateful to be alive every second and we wish we could somehow take care of every single thing that all of you are going through and make it all better. You have all done that for us.

Love to all,
John and Lucinda

April 7, 2005

Dear Friends and Family,

O Happy Day, Calloo Callay!

John was hired this afternoon by Cabinet Secretary Rick Homans to be the General Counsel for the New Mexico Economic Development Department. Governor Bill Richardson personally approved the action.

The Economic Development Department is one of the most aggressive of the New Mexico governmental agencies, and is a personal favorite of the Governor. It will be a workplace where JT can shine and do pretty work on a state, national, and international level.


Lucy and JT were discussing whether a year ago either of us could have imagined JT getting a job of this magnitude. The answer is that neither of us could have imagined it in our wildest dreams. The Lord doth provide.

So Lucy will concentrate on her business, the book, and the speaking tour while JT brings home the steady bacon. JT quit smoking two days ago because it would look horrible for the General Counsel to be standing outside the building sucking down a choogie like a loser.

We love each and every one of you very much,

John and Lucinda

April 18, 2005

Dear Friends and Family,

it is a beautiful spring morning here in Santa Fe and Mr. John Tull just left for his first day of work in nearly 3 years. He looked quite dapper in his suit as he drove off in his little white pick up truck into the future. We have been co-dependent /intra-dependent for so long…….what now?

We ran up to Denver for a quick weekend trip to see Trey, Leah and Ellie Tull. Two year old Ellie charmed us both and we immediately became her servant grandparents as we catered to her every demand. Trey and Leah were not looking forward to deprogramming her after our departure. She is quite a clever and observant little toot. After watching “grandpa” take off his legs for a little rest on the sofa, she remarked and repeated many times “no feet”. Then she helped Grandpa put his “big boots” back on.

Well, Lucinda will now really focus on her financial planning practice as well as the book and future speaking engagements. There is suddenly no more caretaking to be done.

Much love,

John and Lucinda

April 20, 2005

Dear Friends and Family,

So far so good on Tull’s new job. He is tired, but has managed to hang in there. Check out the article from today’s Albuquerque Journal North.

We had a lovely time last night seeing Mona Tull and her friend Bob Ball. They are traveling around the west so they came to Santa Fe and took us out for a very nice dinner.

John and Lucinda

April 27, 2005

Dear Friends and Family,

Our lives have become so normal that we are boring. John Tull loves his job. The work is interesting, the people are nice and supportive and he is building stamina daily. Neither of us knew whether he could pull off a full time schedule, but so far he is doing very well. It’s a wee bit tough when that alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m., but we’re really glad this started in the spring when at least it is getting light at that hour.

As to some of our friends and their current status, we are kept up to date on Kenny Karr and thus far there has been no real change. He is in a nursing home in Waco and is on a feeding tube. Apparently his eyes do open from time to time, but there do not appear to be any signs of awareness. We have not heard lately from Father Bob Maxwell or from Mary Sq. We hope that things are going better for them both. We do know that Father Bill Easter’s wife Katherine is going through a very serious form of cancer and our thoughts and prayers are with them both.

We hope all is well with all of you and that you are enjoying April showers!

John and Lucinda