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Update September 19, 2004

KenDog here with a hello to all John and Lucinda pals:

Yep. Right here in Sante Fe at the Tull home. I can report good news as well as some surprises for me that are on the negative side.

First the setting. Been here with my lady guest since Thursday taking in all the sights and sounds of this desert oriented location. Of course, it is easier to develop an appreciation of the area with the thorough and highly descriptive history lessons that abound from Johnny and Lucinda. She actually is grounded in the area history due to her former work here as a tour guide. Her insights, coupled with JT’s natural tendency to be so complete in his running narrative descriptions and historical stories, give us a clear perspective about the area. Can’t you just hear him?

Looking out the Tull’s kitchen window over their sink, I can see for 80 miles to the Sandia Mountains with no housing or highway interruptions. It is truly wonderful and a peaceful home location. Lots of birds to engage Tull and his watching hobby as he and Lucinda try to figure out just what type bird this or that one may be. They are cute interacting in this mode. It is lighthearted.

But, there is a sense of seriousness that pervades the atmosphere 24/7.
I did not expect this as I had bought into all the positive reports about JT and even his very own words about his progress. He is progressing in miraculous ways no doubt. But, there is much ground he must still cover in his journey. Yes, he drove by himself to pick us up in Albuquerque, does many tasks by himself…however, there is so much each of us must do daily that for Johnny are such formidable efforts: walk across the room and get a glass for water: go to another part of the house and get his glasses he left behind in the bedroom… These all take time and a plan for Johnny. Numerous chores around the house that must be done. He cannot at this time do them. Thus, Lucinda is still on the major hook to provide so very many duties and services it is indeed daunting to witness. This all in addition to her work. Unreal load to do.

Tired is an applicable word around here. Support from all of us that was once so strong, has now all but dissipated due to our thinking that all was smooth sailing for them. I felt this way and failed to continue to write and contact them. Many of you did the same. The loser in all this? Lucinda-the one on the frontline every day with loads of responsibilities and pressure to make things happen. I am embarrassed to say that I have not continued my support. I am going forward with a renewed interest and commitment to be a strong advocate of Lucinda’s. Her efforts, now that I am here and can see for myself, are nothing short of Herculean. She is astounding in her loyalty and work ethic.
She is a true GAMER. Therefore, I will be a frequent contributor to the communication with each of them as I was before. This situation demands our redoubling of efforts. About that I am extremely clear and garner that perspective from a first-hand look and feel of the situation.

Lastly, John’s spirit is robust and positive, but the book project that requires he travel back in time to the darkest of his moments, can run over his ass so strongly that he can be down and not very functional on certain days. Nevertheless, the book project, their salvation in some areas, must go on. He trucks on and should be vehemently urged by us frequently to get the thing completed. Onward toward the light John !

I am humbled at this situation. Its’ wondrousness is short of my expectations. I always want the best for my friends. I know you do too. Our help is needed in the on-going struggle John and Lucinda awaken to every day. Will we be there as before? Can you email or call friends who once were frequent website viewers and writers of notes to the Tulls, and ask that they recommit their support. I can. I will.

Handshakes, Hugs and Kisses,

September 22, 2004

Dear Friends and Family,


Early yesterday morning John went flying. He went up as pilot-in-command in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, N3315E (One Five Echo), for an hour. He took off, flew, and landed with little assistance from his instructor. He flew over the Tull-Marker household, which was a thrill.

Lucinda was sick in bed with a Fall Cold. John was doing his best to nurse her, which is quite a switch. Now he has it also. Woe is us.

You cannot believe how affirming it is for the legless man to be flying an airplane. He assumes that he was the only double amputee flying an airplane yesterday morning in the whole state. Maybe the US. Unless our friend, Jeff Cain, MD, a double himself, was flying his own plane near Denver this morning.

We love each and every one of you,

John and Lucinda