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June 19, 2004

Dear Friends and Family,

It was one year ago today that JT got out of the hospital, after spending 226 days in the slammer.

Lucinda and John were reminiscing today about that period of time. We were scared literally to death. John could barely sit up, was in a hospital bed in the bedroom, and could not get out or into bed or chair (or anything else, for that matter) without 2 or 3 people helping him. Going to the bathroom was an ordeal. We HAD to depend upon help from our friends.

And our friends came through. Without their help, we literally could not have survived that period. David, Ben, Sloan, Tom, Paul and Kerri, Pollard, Brownlow, Spence and Susie, Frank and Alice, Nulman, Laura, Malinda, and Shelby and Karin filled in weekly. Many of the people at the Church, as well as our friends who own restaurants (Katherine Kagel, Will and Joan), helped with food, as well as Bob and Edy, Don and Sally, and Toni and Marty.

John Wheir from Amarillo was here for a long time, as well as Trey. Talitha visited regularly. Kate and Walter helped immensely. Ellie and Mary Anne did massages for us both. Mac and Kate kept our plants alive. The Skillens were helpful. Dr. Romig and Dr. Little made house calls.

Terry arrived as the physical therapist and Karen and Shirley pitched in as nurses. (We forget that when JT came home, he had a staph infection, which required six weeks of daily IV therapy with a really strong antibiotic, administered by a nurse). Jimmy, Bruce, Charlie, Hank, Debra, Jerry and Lester, Will, Ginny, Ann, Lisa M., and Nick all were very helpful.

Roland arrived to help get JT going every morning and to put him to bed every night, as well as give him a shower. Julie Anne clipped my fingernails (which does not seem like a big deal, but was entirely necessary).

Roy was doing fabulous work on the financial front. Peter and Chrysa helped. All of our extended family were writing in to the website to cheer us on. Kelly and Ben had a beautiful fundraiser for us. Jeff Fagley, our contractor, along with his foreman Dave, immediately came to enlarge doors and put in ramps. Paul and Sally came from Atlanta to help out. Members of John and Lucinda’s families came to visit.

And so, with a little help from our friends, we got through those dark days. We were happy, because we were home and not in a hospital, but, BOY, were those days difficult. We thank every person who helped us, no matter in which way, from the bottom of our hearts. You each have shown the true value of unconditional friendship and gracious assistance.

We love you all, and we hope we have not missed anyone.

John and Lucinda (The Grateful)