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Update March 3, 2004

Dear Friends and Family,

We had a great time celebrating Texas Independence Day. Tull had a little too good of a time. Lucinda thinks he is warming up for our trip to Amarillo this weekend. The Woodburns are having a big party on Saturday night and Tull will play poker on Friday night with his oldest poker-playing friends. On Saturday we will go see the first tree in the Texas Panhandle, Mr. Cree’s Little Tree. For those of you who don’t know, the Texas Panhandle is the center of the Great Staked Plains, an area of 90,000 square miles that does not have a single natural tree. All trees were planted by man, after 1878. If you want to see how John grew up in this treeless land, go rent "The Last Picture Show". It is the ultimate reality of growing up in West Texas.

We have heard that the “Body Snatchers” airing on National Geographic is definitely not our “Body Snatchers”. Will keep you posted.

John (Codger) and Lucinda

Update March 29, 2004

Dear Friends and Family,

We have loved all the messages in the last week. We have also had quite a bit of activity. Tull walked last week in PT with nothing but a big old exercise ball between his arms. No walker, no cane, no nothing. He also walked (for the first time) all the way into our gym…..quite a long walk.

Tomorrow is the last day of physical therapy. We are both feeling separation anxiety. This will be the first time in nearly 17 months when we have not been “assigned” to a hospital or rehab facility. Now what?

We had a couple over the other night who are good friends and they told us a story that brought tears to our eyes. When they heard about how very ill JHT was and about the prospects of his not living, she went to her husband and said “John Tull was always the man who stood up when a lady came into the room. Who will do that now?” Our very macho friend (and her husband) then burst into tears.

Well, Tull is now standing when the ladies enter the room.

John and Lucinda