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Update February 16, 2004

Dear Friends and Family,

We are both recovering today. We feel like we just celebrated our 95th birthdays along with Lucinda’s grandmother.

It was more emotionally gratifying to visit Beth Israel than we had even imagined. We did not get to see each and everyone of the wonderful “lifesavers”, but most of the docs who played significant roles met with us as did many of the main nurses and staff. It was moving for Lucinda to see the security guards who so judicially kept and enforced an ever-changing list of “approved” visitors throughout our ordeal. It was moving for John to actually see the ICU where he spent 3 months of his life.

We saw a Chuck Close show at the Met, a Diane Arbus show at NYU, and had lunch with the Philip Pearlsteins and enjoyed a tour of his studio. Much culture.

We saw our wonderful New York friends (Daniel and Asher, Julia P., Mary Sq., Anne Stone, Dianne O., Chrissie and family) and a number of our great friends and relatives accompanied us on the trip (Janie, Katy Jane, Sandy and Helen, Paul and Sally, Malinda and Sheila, Jimmy O., Rick Scavelli). Together we had some great dinners and lots of laughs.

Tull walked like a madman about New York and used his wheelchair only a few times. Dear Alex provided a fine set of wheels for us during much of the time (thanks, Roy). Crushing Studios and Mary Sq. had a nice party on Tuesday night.

Tull and Lucinda took Dr. Ron Primas and his wife Sheila to dinner and had a blast. How do you thank someone who truly saved your life??

One last big thank you to Nurse Nina, Joe Sharkey P.A., Dr. Lis, Dr. Silane, Dr. Weinberg and Dr. Perlman.

Love to all and thank you.

John and Lucinda

Update February 19, 2004

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks to Madame X for getting some of the great pictures from New York and Ohio on the website. We love you, MDMX.

Several weeks ago, we read that Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi was killed by Princess Anne’s bull terrier. Since we have our adorable Corgi (Puck) we knew how sad the Queen must have been and so we wrote her a letter of sympathy.

We did not expect a response, but, a few days ago we got a nice letter from a Lady-in-Waiting expressing the Queen’s appreciation of our condolences. What a blast to get a letter from Buckingham Palace.

It has been wonderful and heart-warming to hear from so many people since the trip to New York. Thanks to all.

John and Lucinda

Update February 28, 2004

Dear Friends and Family.

Another Major Accomplishment Day. John and Lucinda found JT’s trekking poles, which he used regularly PP (Pre-Plague). He adjusted them, AND THEN THEY WENT FOR A HIKE IN THE WILDERNESS BEHIND THEIR HOUSE. It wasn’t a long hike, but it was A hike. Pics to follow.

We sadly note the passing of Joe Price of Amarillo. Joe was John’s Chief Investigator when John was the elected Potter County Attorney from 1979 to 1983. Joe was John’s intelligent and loyal right-hand man for four years, and they became the best of friends and compatriots, through many significant trials all over the State of Texas.

We love you all, and our sympathies to Jean Price and her family.


John and Lucinda