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November 24, 2004

Dear Friends and Family,

There is nothing easy about this Thanksgiving. It is painful for many of us due to war, election results, or memories of holidays which might not have been as perfect as we then expected.

So now let’s think about the good stuff. Tull and Lucinda love their adobe home. Tull went about the house framing and hanging pictures….by himself….he was proud. He is alive.

Thanksgiving for all of you. Please, wherever you might be, know that we are celebrating your lives. We would love to have each and every one of you into our home for Thanksgiving. Really.

We love you dearly,

John and Lucinda

Thanksgiving Can Go On Everyday

Dear Friends and Family,

We mourn the passing of two friends. Damon Smith, JT’s frat brother who was so very supportive of us has moved on. Lucinda remembers him as a very witty speaker at the Delt reunion and as someone who had been there when she really needed some help. Thank you Damon, we love you.

Right after JHT was released from the final hospital (6/19/03) we were both in need of help in terms of a home health aid. Insurance would not pay a penny toward that necessity. The Ganz Family Trust offered to pay for the expenses for the home health aid. That offer made a world of difference in our lives at that time.

One of the members of that Trust passed away this month. We were so very moved to visit Ruth Ganz in Long Branch, NJ. She is a very kind soul.

Love to all,
John and Lucinda

Update November 30, 2004

Dear Friends and Fmaily,

We are just about through November which has historically proven for some of us to be a tough month. Lucinda just this evening heard about another old friend, an actor by the name of Mark Lieberman passing on at age 57 from a failing heart. He meant many things to me and I am so sorry that I will not sit and talk with him again. Good travels, my friend.

After detailed discusssion with some professional writers and agents, we would like to ask for your help. Can you please either write to the wesite or write to either of our private e-mail addreses ( or resort describe every dadgum thing you felt or witnessed through our illness or anything about your own stuff. Tull and Marker are pretty damn tough and take any comments you may which are un-pretty.
All of the website postings were positive and encouraging. Those of you who whish to express your fears and concerns during ANY time since the on-set of our illness are encouraged to do so. That's the point. Tull is mostly Mr. Positive, but not everyone sees the world as he does. We are now exploring the differing attitudes within families. But we feel that our family is large. Please write to us and let us know your feelings(now seeped for two years) about your friends/family falling to the beubonic plague in New York City. THe long stay in New York with JT nearly dying, the struggle to awaken him from a coma and his facing what had happened to him over 3 months.

Lucinda took the best notes she could for a while. But it would just be great to hear a little essay from anyone who could take the thime. Give it a shot.