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Update from Lucinda April 2, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

As you can see, this was another very good day for JHT with more
progress in sitting up and enduring some pretty painful exercises. He is
working very hard and is exhausted.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have
helped launch the John Tull Recovery Fund. It is indeed very difficult for us
to ask for financial assistance as we have always prided ourselves in our
independence. We are touched that our friends took it upon themselves to
initiate this fund and we are overwhelmed by the gifts from old friends, family
and caring people who are strangers from around the world. Your generosity
enables us to continue the progress as the close team we have been throughout
this ordeal. I am making efforts to get back to work, but am faced each and
every day with a multitude of tasks and difficult decisions regarding the time
I spend working, maintaining our home, running many errands, and driving the 2
hour round trip to Albuquerque to stay with John. (He would like me there 24
hours a day if possible).

We learned the other day that John's medical bills are expected
to exceed $2 million. Our insurance company has proven thus far to be very
cooperative and we are hoping for the best as John has a great deal of rehab
yet ahead of him. We feel very fortunate in that we have so many wonderful
friends and we know that we will be in a position at some point in the future
to develop the business we had just started last summer and to once again give
back to the world. We also have each other. We are very lucky. But please also
know that your assistance is relieving some of our burden and helps me to have
time to spend at least a few hours most days with John and that time, I
believe, is invaluable in his recovery. Thank you all from the depths of our


Update from Lucinda April 10, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

BIG DAY TODAY!!!! John took his first step at the parallel bars.
He is also taking a giant step at 9:00 tomorrow morning when we move to the
acute rehab hospital across the street (Rehabilitation Hospital of New Mexico).
We are very excited, but still a bit apprehensive. We know that Tull will do
well and will be there a very short time relative to all we've been through.
This is the last step toward GOING HOME!!

It is also very hard to say goodbye once again to a group of
people who have meant more to us than we can say. All day today the staff here
at Kindred commented on the amazing progress they have witnessed since our
arrival. They have all played a huge part in that progress and we have formed
dear friendships during our stay.

Stephanie and Tull celebrated his victories and Tull is
contemplative of the road still ahead. We shall shed a few more tears in the
morning, no doubt.

Thanks to Debby and Frank for visiting today.

Love to all.
John and Lucinda

Update from Lucinda April 19, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

HUGE REHAB DAY!!!!! Tull walked ten steps at the parallel bars
and then stood unassisted for 25 seconds. All very scary, new territory, but
absolutely exhilarating for all. Karin and Shelby happened to stop by just
before we headed to the gym and they got to witness and video these
accomplishments. (Lucinda and Karin....maybe Shelby(?) shed a few tears).

Other big moments of the day....Julie Ann brought a wonderful
pecan pie (we each had the smallest slivers), Hugh W. dropped by on his way
back from Brazil, and three members of the New Mexico Emergency Services
Council, which is the organization that holds the 80 New Mexico search and
rescue teams together, came and brought a framed resolution recognizing and
thanking JHT for his contributions to search and rescue statewide.

Update from Lucinda
Dear Friends and Family,

Today John and Lucinda went by ambulance to a hospital where
John had his "peg" or feeding tube removed, which was the last un-natural
device left in his body. What a relief after all these months!!

His therapists came back to work this morning full of vim and
vigor and got Mr. Tull to walk a good 15 ft. with a walker. He did extremely
well...stood up straight and remembered to breath.

Thanks again for all the messages. We appreciate all the support
and the personal stories many of you have shared.

John and Lucinda