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Update from Lucinda March 4, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

There is a search and rescue mission going on in the Sandia Mountains as I write
this update. Three cross-country skiers are missing and Tull is
in his bed trying desperately to tune in the mission on his hand-held radio.
This particular activity has not yet been addressed in occupational therapy,
but he will probably have the task mastered before the night is over.

Lucinda (and the radio geek)

Update from Lucinda March 11, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

We have had several absolutely beautiful days here in Northern New Mexico and
between the beautiful blue sky, the visits and the very positive
postings (including those from the canines) Tull and I have been quite jolly.

The big move today was getting on the “tilt table” while wearing
his new legs and standing almost upright for a few seconds. Just think about
being vertical for around 150 days and then suddenly standing upright. A
thought to ponder.

Update from Lucinda March 19, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

As I previously mentioned, last night the Executive Board of the
Atalaya Search and Rescue team met in John's hospital room. JHT really
appreciates how the team has kept him in the loop and he is proud to resume his
duties as President. The photo above shows Rich, Ann, David and Ginny.

Not only is madame x a terrific webmaster, but today she loaned
her husband for most of the day to visit with and help out Mr. Tull. John had
an excellent day on the tilt-table and ate most of his green chili stew tonight
at dinner (Lucinda finished it off as it was quite good).

Love to all on this spring-eve from wintry Northern New Mexico,
John and Lucinda

Update from Lucinda March 25, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

JHT sat up two days in a row for a couple hours each time and
fed himself lunch. He wanted to make sure that you all know how very hard he is
working. (So in other words keep the praise coming).

We forgot to tell you all a lovely story about one of our
visitors the other day. She very thoughtfully brought a jar full of holy dirt
from the Santuario de Chimayo (for those of you who don't know the story I urge
you to take a look on the internet). She suggested that we rub some of the dirt
on the foot milagro (another new term for some of you?) that we have hanging in
the hospital room so that John's feet would be well taken care of in heaven. It
had not occurred to us, but we really liked the idea of John's feet hanging out
in heaven.

Lucinda and John

Update from Laura March 30, 2003

Dear friends and family,

I am honored with being the guest message person today. I spent
the weekend catching up with John which has been more gratifying than words can
say. I haven’t seen him since Christmas and his progress astounds me. He had a
good day with a visit to the courtyard to see the cloudless blue sky. Friends
from Santa Fe and Placitas made visits and several tales and lies were told.
John was recuperating from a bit of overdose of black bottom pie from Saturday
– it does a number on the blood sugar.

John’s optimism continues to inspire all of us. And he has not
lost his Texas manners as he graciously orders Janie, Lucinda and me to do this
and get that. And we do it and we love him.

Laura Hamilton