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Update November 3, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

It was one year ago that we woke up in a friend's apartment in NYC feeling rather poorly. We took a 90 minute cab ride across town and through Marathon traffic to move into our hotel on the east side where we pretty much didn't move from until we went to the doctor two days later.

This morning, by contrast, Tull is wheeling around whistling some Johnny Cash tunes. It is a beautiful late fall day in Santa Fe and he will be heading off for PT and OT in a short while. Lucinda will pick him up and we will grab a bit of lunch somewhere before returning home to take care of the many matters which need our attention before going to Denver at the end of the week.

Love to all
John and Lucinda

Update November 10, 2003


After lunch on Sunday, Tull says “Why don’t we go out and see if I can drive the car?” So we went out, he got into the driver’s seat, and he drove (very, very well) to the store and back, about ten miles. Did great! In traffic! Like a champ! They will never hold him down on the farm now that he’s got wheels.

He actually drove himself to PT today, with the watchful eye of David.

“Oh happy day, calloo callay, he chortled in his joy.”

We love each and every one of you,

John and Lucinda

Update November 26, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

It is a chilly Thanksgiving Eve here in Santa Fe. Tull worked on falling and recovery in PT today. He didn't like it, but he faced another fear head-on.

This is the first morning since June 20th that Lucinda did not get up according to JT's schedule. That is because he can fend for himself from the time he gets up. Wow.

One year ago we were deep in the darkest hours of our illness. Lucinda spent a warm Thanksgiving evening with our very dear friends Julia, Laura and Brad, but missed her best friend with an undescribable heartache.

Tomorrow will be a day of celebration and thanks like no other. Thanks to each and every one of you. You have no idea what impact you have had on our lives. We will toast you all at our quiet dinner with our friends here in Santa Fe and send you love, blessings and peace.

John and Lucinda

Update November 28, 2003

Here is John Tull's prayer at Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. We were at our dear friends, the Overtons. Julie Ann is a breast cancer survivor.

"Dear Lord,

Thank you for the unbelievable blessings you have bestowed upon us the last year.

Thank you for our health, our hands, and our progress. Thank you for all of our friends and family that have helped us through this time.

Thank you for these two boys here tonight. Thank you for allowing us to live in our beloved Northern New Mexico. Thank you for my best friend, Lucinda. Thank you for allowing us to share in this bountiful meal with our friends.

But above all, thank you for the my life and the life of Julie Ann.

Bless this food to our use and us to thy service. Make us ever-mindful of the needs of others. Amen."