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Update from Lucinda January 3, 2003

Dear Friends and Family:

Today was the most exciting day to date!! JHT was completely
responsive from the moment I entered his room. The John Tull we know was
basically back, but without the ability to speak. The nurses and I were able to
read his lips a number of times and he responded to questions by nodding his
head, saying yes or no and also doing a few John Tull facial expressions. We
were all thrilled beyond belief!

Here are some of the things that I learned today:

John Tull really wants to drink some water (he cannot yet, but
we put some swabs in his mouth which provided some moisture and he thought they
were acceptable);

He does not want the television on under any circumstances;

He loves me

He knows that he has been pretty sick, but is getting much

No pain and

He seems to understand that there is a web-site and that he is
greatly loved.

Today has been a wonderful day. Thank you. We love you.


Update from Lucinda January 7, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

What a day!! Tull was wide awake from early this morning when
his sister Janie and I arrived at the hospital. He asked questions immediately
and we were able to read his lips most of the time. The doctors were able to
change his trache tube today to one which should enable him to speak sometime
tomorrow. Today was yet another day with no fever and he was able to further
breath on his own.

I told him the entire story of our illness and though he seemed
shocked and was certainly not ready for a celebration, he handled everything
remarkably well. We probably must all be prepared for many ups and downs in the
near and distant future, but those of us at the hospital were deeply moved by
the intelligence, dignity and gratitude expressed by John Tull today. We also
told him more about this web-site and he said that he would like for us to read
the messages to him.

Thank you. We love you.


Update from Lucinda January 9, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

John Tull came through a four hour revision surgery with flying
colors. The surgical technique that was used should result in the optimal
physical condition for John to resume an active life. This should be the last
major procedure and we can now truly begin the process of healing.

Please keep sending the positive energy!


Update from Lucinda January 13, 2003

Dear World,

Another great day in the lives of John and Lucinda. He is still
without fever, more alert, increasingly conversational and incredibly motivated
to walk, hike and cross-country ski. We got a great report from the vascular
surgeon regarding the healing from the last surgery and the physical therapy
team is very impressed with his progress. He is spending his first night totally
off the ventilator (if all goes well). A few memorable quotes from today:
"I hate being suctioned, but you got to do it", "it's boring in
this room", "that's the IV bag from hell".

I read him a few cards, letters and visits from this site. I
asked him if he knew how loved he seems to have been for a long time.....he
said that he did know and that the reason he is loved is because he loves so
many people.

There you have it.


Update from Janie, John's sister January 16, 2003

Being here today with my big brother Johnny has been wonderous.
I am hoarse from talking so much with him. I read to him the most recent 75
messages posted on this website. He is so very moved to be hearing from old and
new friends and even total strangers who have some connection through someone
else who love him and Lucinda. Keep them coming. Thank you for all the prayers
and love. It makes all the difference.


Update from Lucinda January 19, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

John Tull is ready to "bust out of this place". He
gained much strength today and slept quite a bit during breaks in our physical
therapy and massage sessions. He told me tonight that he is very lucky to have
me to do these things for him. I told him that I was very lucky to have him. He
then said that it is a miracle that I have him.

Truth be told, that was not just his ego talking. He now fully
understands how close he was to not making it.

Love you all,

Update from Lucinda January 21, 2003

Dear Friends and Family:

A big step today was when I was able to extend John's arms so
that he was able to touch his face. He was so thankful to be able to feel his
mouth, nose and stubble on his chin (they shaved his beard after he was put

He had an infection today that was probably caused by the main
line which was changed yesterday. The physical therapy folks gave him a good
work out today and he was sound asleep the rest of the day.


Update from Liza Tull January 25, 2003

As a guest columnist for today's update, I get to proudly report
that my dear father had a wonderful day. With a stream of visitors and a
successful time in the "chair, " I think he could have stayed up all
night and talked. It was so incredible to see the progress that my dad has
made. His attitude is upbeat, his mind is sharp and his sense of humor is
better than ever. My dad is back!

I, however, did a horrible job as a makeshift nurse, not having
been there a full hour before accidentally resting my foot on his bed lever
that controls his mattress inflation. As the nurses scrambled to call the bed
manufacturers, I scrambled to correct the situation (only making it worse, of
course). To make me feel better, though, he affectionately referred to the
whole experience as an "adventure." Tonight I'm thankful to God for the
future "adventures" we all get to experience with my dad. Love,
Liza Tull

Update from Lucinda January 28, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

If you were here you could put your head on JHT's chest and he
would move his left arm to stroke your head. (I'm not promising he would do
that with each and every one of you, but he damn well might). He laughs, he
cries, he sings old camp songs and he tells lies. I don't know how it would be
possible to be more in love with someone.

They took out the "main line" today and will likely
pull the trach very soon. The docs and nurses continue to warm my heart with
their stories of when we first came to the hospital, how they consider us to be
"family" and how they are amazed at the miracle of JHT's recovery.

We love you all.

Update from Lucinda January 30, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

We had a great day today. We've had some very nice visitors
(more expected in the next few days), productive physical therapy, positive
reports from all medical personnel and......the highlight of the day........a
video which was produced by and starred a few friends in Santa Fe. Tull and I
laughed and cried together as we watched our doggies, our house, Santa Fe scenery
and a bunch of wacky friends at our Friday night hang-out wearing
"Free John Tull" buttons. I know that this sounds really nuts, but
sometimes I think that we are happier (or perhaps more at peace?) than we have
ever been.

Love to all,