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Vicki Meadows
Lucinda, Keep hanging in there. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers daily. If we can do anything at all,just let us know.
25 November 2002 15:00:07

Tom and Debbie Campbell
My name is Tom Campbell and my wife is Debbie. I have known John for many years as I was raised in Amarillo and I have known and loved him more in the past ten years. I am a cousin to Shelby and one of the " Ranch Ralley Boys" as John would put it.
Shelby has kept me informed as to John's progress and it appears, that all of the prayers that have been issued on John's behalf, have begun to come to light. The Lord loves us all and listens, tho we may think not.
I have not had the pleasure to make your aquaintance however your presence is felt as we gather with John once a year at the ranch. The love he holds for you via conversation, is warmth to those who have the pleasure to hear, as he speaks of you.
Your boldness and strength regarding John's recovery is inspiring to us all and we shall continue our prayers beyond his recovery and well past late night poker with the "Ranch Ralley Boys" once again.
May the Lord remain at John's and your side and may he continue to grant you his graces.
My wife would like to write at this moment so I shall turn the page over to her.
I am sincerely yours

Here is a piece that I once found - I think is meant for you and John as he recovers.
"The New Testament word for peace...does not mean simply the absence of conflict. It is the peace Jesus spoke of when He said, "Peace be with you" and "Go in peace." It describes a new relationship, something qualitatively different, between God and His people, and between persons. And once w have this "different" peace, it never leaves us, no matter what happens in our lives or in the world around us. God's very own peace is an occupancy of the heart, a feeling that Someone is deep inside us all the time - a spiritual reaching out for God's hand and finding it there. That is peace."
May Jesus' peace be with you both. Debbie
25 November 2002 14:23:41

Tom Pollard
Lucinda and John,
We have been tracking your progress through JulieAnne and Roy Spence. Being a little slow, we only discovered this web site today. You know our thoughts and prayers are with you every minute.
Lucinda--keep whispering in John's ear, I know he can hear you, and hearing you will make him heal even faster. Tell him we love him and I need my second favorite dance partner to hurry home.
And, of course, if we can help with pets, house, etc., just email or call. It would be a pleasure to help out.
Love to you and John.
Christy, Tom and Tom
24 November 2002 14:23:14

Lynda B. Kashiwa
Lucinda, We are getting the e-mail updates on John, from Charlie. We hope you are doing as well as can be. You are both in our prayers and thoughts every day. Fondly, Bucky and Lynda Kashiwa
24 November 2002 14:22:57

Valeria Allen
Dear Lucinda,
We have been following your progress in the newspapers and with some friends but just learned of the web site today; what a thoughtful thing your friends have done. Having treated others with bubonic and septicemic plague over the years I know what you and John have been through. Having a loved one in such critical conditioin is something that I have experienced, and I know first hand how you are feeling. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and John and we hope his speedy and complete recovery.
Jerry and Valeria Allen
24November 2002 14:22:40

Toni and Marty Beldock
Dear Lu,
Today is one of those glorious NM mornings. If my thirteen year residence here in SF has given me those fabled powers to "channel," I am sending the sun's radience directly to you and Tull.
Friday we went to temple and during the prayer for healing we spoke your names. The folks sitting behind us did the same. It turned out she was Julie Ann's mom! You have been included in healing prayers in virtually every church/temple in Santa Fe. It's gotta work.
We love you, Toni and Marty
24 November 2002 14:22:20

Dear Lucinda,
Not a day goes by that we don't talk about you guys and have you in thoughts and prayers. This website is a godsend, as it enables those who wish, to deluge you with their thoughts. I tried calling the hospital a few times, but no luck as you were discharged and John couldn't take calls and the hospital would not (understandably) give out any info.
As we know, John is one tough, stubborn SOB. If ever this could be considered a positive attribute, it is probably now as he needs to fight fight fight. We all need him to stay around a while. Best wishes and great strength to you Lucinda, in your fight to get through this ordeal. If there's anything we can do, let us know.
By the way, we saw the listing for your website in today's El Mitote section of The New Mexican.
Gordon & Elizabeth
24 November 2002 14:22:00

Linda & Bill Zwick
Sending you love and good wishes. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you.
Love, LindaZ.
24 November 2002 14:21:41

Dear John and Lucinda,
Betsy and I have had you in our prayers since we heard. You will continue to be for as long as you need them. God be with you.
Bill and Betsy Ranck
24 November 2002 14:21:21

Charlene Cody
Dear Lucinda,
Charlene and I send you our best wishes and prayers for your continued improvement. We are so saddened by this tragic event in your lives. I saw John just a few days before your trip and told him I missed seeing him coming by the gallery on his way for morning coffee at TRIBES coffee shop.
He has been so excited and pleased by the new business that you have developed. We hope that you will be able to get back at it soon. I could tell the change from the state job was really satisfying.
We are pleased to know you are past the dangerous stage and we can only pray that John will gradually improve. He must indeed be a strong individual to have come this far in his recovery. He no doubt has the constitution to keep fighting in small increments and is making genuine progress. We will continue to think of both of you and will pray that the two of you will make full recoveries. With all of Santa Fe and so many other people praying for you we know that this critical stage will pass and your lives will resume with much joy and love.
With sincerest best wishes,
Bruce and Charlene Cody
24 November 2002 14:21:01

Scott Nisbet
Dear Lucinda,
My husband, Scott and I, have been in near daily contact with Mona since the day she left home and arrived in N.Y. I am a childhood friend of John, Sr. and Mona. We met you at Trey's wedding in Amarillo - we live in Pampa, Texas.
Both you and John are in our prayers and will continue to be until he is safely back in the arms of his loved ones. We pray for strength, with much love, for all of the family - you, Mona, Mack, Janie, Barbara and members of your family.
Best wishes for your recuperation.
Bobbie & Scott Nisbet
24 November 2002 14:20:38

.....son, i know you're fighting this monster disease with everything you've got; that you'll continue your fight; that you will beat this monster and recover to live the full life you have ahead. so, i am praying for you (in the past, you and i both benefitted from more than a few prayers, didn't we?) and for your full recovery just as soon as possible. though it's not possible right now, i wish i could be up there in new york city laughing with you......i believe that we will laugh again together and soon....melanie sends her love and prayers for you, for lucinda and for your families. we will see you -- laugh with you -- soon. love, - O.S. (henry).
23 November 2002 13:56:37

lucinda, i suspect that you hear john's voice telling you things he would be telling you now if he could speak directly with you; that you can hear him reassuring you that, with the support and prayers of everyone who is fighting this monster disease with him, he will recover.
stay steadfast. trust that you both will go on together to realize your dreams --- john's becoming a grand-dad, the success of your new business and the other things you've both been looking forward to.... melanie and i are with you both now and throughout this whole ordeal.
love, - henry.
23 November 2002 13:56:19

Carol McKinney
23 November 2002 13:55:56

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Dear John and Lucinda,
On Nov.7th when we had just learned of your hospitalization, a group of your freinds met at The Pantry restaurant on Cerrillos Rd. I did not know most of those people but I was struck by the instant bond we had because of our love and concern for you two. I am visualizing the circle of friends and family around you. It is enormous, crossing oceans. Amor vincit omnia, love conquers all. Chrysa
23 November 2002 13:55:22

Kaye Sinclair
Lucinda and John
All the folks at Bernalillo County ARES SAR team say, "Get better soon!" When I was calling around NM SAR teams as Logs chief for a training mission many people around the state wanted to know how you were doing. Ginny had updated me that day when I called Atalaya, even before it was announced in the media here that you were both so ill. I want you to know that we all are pulling for your recovery and return home. John, you have climbed lots of mountains, you can do this- get well soon! If there is anything ANYTHING we can help with let us know Lucinda!
Many Prayers Come To You!
Kaye Sinclair for Bernalillo County ARES members Ed Ricco, Frank and Dessa Halasz, Jim Gary, Doug Asher, Wes Tucker, Alan Mattison, Gerald Smith, Tom Lea and Marlin Allison
25 November 2002 13:54:59

Paul McClendon
John and Lucinda,
Just a note from the Board Members of the New Mexico Emergency Services Council, ESCAPE to express our best wishes and prayers for a quick and complete recovery. We hope to see you at ESCAPE this May.
God Bless,
Mike Lowe, Eddie Baldwin, Dave Clark, Jerry Englehart, Paul McClendon, Doug Palmer, Bob Rogers, Julie Smith, Barbara Zabriski, Kurt Parkinson
25 November 2002 13:54:41

melanie and henry simpson.
shelby, what a fine idea to set up this website......melanie & i have been keeping up with john & lucinda's condition thru regular phone calls with mac.
lucinda, we're relieved to hear that you're making a steady recovery; our prayers are for you, john and all of your family........ we will be in touch regularly;.....will call you whenever you say you're ready to visit on the phone...... our early attempts to get thru via the hospital were unsuccessful.......we want you to know we're thinking of you both many times each day and each night and we'd like to do anything there is to do to help out. love, - melanie and henry simpson.
25 November 2002 13:51:35

Dear Lucinda,
As Henry said, we are thinking of you and Johnny both all the time. Please call when you feel up to it or send us an e-mail.
We are so terribly sorry this happened and, as usual, fail to understand why such bad things happen to such good people.
We love you and are keeping you in our hearts. Melanie
25 November 2002 13:51:14

Your dear friend Julie Anne is keeping me apprised of the situation, and I just want you to know that I'm thinking of and praying for you both every day. If there's anything ever you need me to do, please please please let me know. There's a candle lit for you at St. Bede's and the boys and I are sending every wonderful wish your way.
Much, much love. Sally, Ralph, Grant and Carson
25 November 2002 13:50:55

Wendy Schalmo
Great website! It's good to see your photos during this time. Just want you to know that time and distance do not diminish the level of concern and prayer that we have to give. You two are on my mind much of each day. You know that anything you need, you only have to say the word and it will be done. You have been there for me to talk, to laugh, to worry...I am here for you, too.
Lu - take extra good care of yourself; rest, food, TLC. You will need it for the long haul of the two of you. With all my love and prayers,
25 November 2002 13:50:35

Lesli Allison
Lucinda, our thoughts have been with you and John every day. We are thankful for your continuing recovery and we send all our prayers and hopes to John for his. Know that people everywhere are there with you both in spirit.
Lesli Allison (sjcsar)and Anna Jester
25 November 2002 13:50:18

Mona Tull
i love you both so very very dearly Mona
25 November 2002 13:50:01

Dear Lucinda:
Hope that Sherry is with you this evening or expected to be with you tomorrow......I know that her presence will give you support and strength.......everyone is rooting for you and your spouse and your entire family......I hope that you grow stronger each day and have some time for 'you' to "take care of you"... remember, the caregiver must be certain she or he gets enough rest and sleep and food, be certain you can carry on your prayers are with you.
Anne Shale
25 November 2002 13:40:59

Caroline Woodburn
I don't think we have ever met, but Doug and I have been long time friends of Johnny. In fact, he would tell you that my dad rebuilt his nursery that was blown away by the tornado in 1949 in Amarillo. Doug was John's law partner in the 70's. We are thankful for your continuing recovery and pray for John to keep his fighting spirit and turn the corner. Thank you so much for this website so that we can keep updated. You are in so many folks prayers. Caroline and Doug Woodburn
25 November 2002 13:38:26

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